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Our School

Welcome to Emerald Coast Christian School!

We are located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the perfect backdrop for our outdoor classroom and brain breaks!  


We offer a Bible-based curriculum for grades K-8. We are a dynamic multi-cultural school and accept all faiths during our recruiting process. Since 2005, our small school setting offers lower teacher/student ratios allowing for differentiation and individualized instruction.  

We are accredited by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Schools and are acknowledged as a charter member of both the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and the Council for American Private Education (CAPE). 


Principal’s Affirmation

It is an honor and a privilege to be a servant-leader at

Emerald Coast Christian School (ECCS). As I enter another year of service, I look forward to the opportunity to be an impactive facilitator in the lives of each student who enters our doors. I am very cognizant of the great responsibility that God has entrusted to me to mold young minds and hearts for His glory and service.

ECCS has an amazing teaching staff, dedicated volunteers, a supportive school board, and extraordinary parents who have all been invested in laying and building on the strong foundation of strong values and academic excellence. My vision is that this Emerald Coast Christian School will provide the greatest small classroom Christian education in Fort Walton and beyond!


 My goal is to continue to work as a team to ensure the support, development, coaching, and professional advancement of our teachers; to continue to ensure services are provided for the wholistic growth for all our students where needed; to continue to provide the most up-to-date technology available for our students and to strive for continued academic mastery with our test scores. Likewise, we will build upon the relationships we have with our present parents as we get to know our new parents. We will continue to provide a safe and nurturing environment where our students are challenged to become the best that God wants for them as they grow spiritually, academically, and socially along side their child(ren).


 Additionally, as a team we will focus on a concentrated marketing program for our school as our students engage in community service and community involvement to foster the visibility of our program and increase enrollment.

However, as important as all these efforts are for continued upward growth, what is most important is our continued commitment to the spiritual growth in the lives of our students. We pray to instill in our students the importance of knowing God’s Word for themselves; to nurture a deep understanding of His personal love for them and to build an abiding relationship with Him even in difficulties.

 I am excited and look forward to this upcoming school year as we continue to partner together for the academic, spiritual, and social growth of our children as they build characters for this life and for eternity.


Mission Overview:  

The Emerald Coast Christian School exists to provide the greatest small classroom Christian education in the area.

Elements of Our Mission:

  • to nurture the lives of our students through Christian education so they may know Jesus as their personal friend and Savior.

  • To teach our students to be responsible citizens

  • To equip our students with cognitive and practical skills that will enable them to be great thinkers and not mere reflectors of opinions or rote facts.

  • To encourage community service and love for community: building bridges between the youth and elderly.

  • To expose our students to explore other states/cultures during our field trips.

  • Our goal is to work together with parents, students and community members during the school year to ensure that every child taps in to the genius within, waiting to be awakened!    

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