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“Giving God’s Greatest to Your Children.”


Our classes are primarily student -focused.  Our teachers lecture for up to twenty-five percent of the class period and then students work according to their differentiated classwork.  ​

Our small class sizes lends its self beautifully to a rotational model for one-to-one, small groups and whole group instructions to encourage superb wholistic growth for each child.  

At Emerald Coast Christian School, we believe that child is brilliant because of his/her God' given talent and skills; our intimate classroom settings foster the genius in every child!

& Promises! 


Reading is fundamental and time is allotted for our students to enjoy reading fun but character building books that will promote problem solving, independent thinking, collaborative feedback, 

creative writing, student empowerment, literacy, a love for learning and a love for Christ.  

Reading positive, nurturing materials will help reinforce the high values that we promote as an organization and while empowering students to wage a continuous war on generational poverty and negative beliefs that may lead to mental health issues.   Emerald Coast wants to be proactive and not reactive!

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